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One day in Tasmania P.2

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • May 15th, 2016
The next location on our agenda is Mt Field National Park, one of the numerous national parks of 


. A lot of trail tracks of various complexity pass through the park. If you have time, there is a lot of interesting there. Because of the tour, our time is limited. Therefore we first go to the main attraction of the park, very beautiful Russell Falls.

It is about a 10-minute walk through the woods to the falls:
1-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg2-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgIt is very impressive indeed! The falls pour down a steep mountain in several steps of the fancy cascade!
3-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg4-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg5-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgHere is the view from the top of a huge ledge where the water stream starts to rush down.
After visiting the falls, we were supposed to move back, but I am fast so I decided to run slightly further to look at huge eucalyptuses, huge trees reaching a height of 328 feet. When you walk along the path, you first see the lower part of the huge trunk several girths thick. Then you raise your eyes and see a huge tree growing up into the sky. It is one of the highest trees on Earth!
7-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg8-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg9-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg10-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgNow we say goodbye to the national park and get into the bus again. Colorful Tasmanian landscapes flash in the windows.
11-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgA huge farm where lunch and coffee are provided is our final destination.
12-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgHm, a farm … really?? Will sheep have their wool cut again!?
13-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgI think, it is time for me to get cattle. I already have a dog and three cats, communication with animals is good. Now it is time to move to a next level, especially after such a remarkable training in Australia and New Zealand! I will quit my bridges and become a farmer!
14-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgMeanwhile, another fur coat smoothly separates from its former hostess and enters into independent life.
15-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg16-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgThe shepherd's dog is waiting impatiently to finally go chasing the sheep.
17-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg18-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg19-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgIt is time to have dinner. The farmer, Tim Parsons, prepares an amazing barbecue for tourists himself.
20-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgAfter lunch and coffee, you can go outside and enjoy the scenery.
21-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg22-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg23-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg24-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg25-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgThe farmer passionately tells us about rural farmer life on 


- Hey, Tim, it is time to graze sheep! – the spouse reminds. But the passionate farmer didn't stop the fascinating lecture even during the pasture.
26-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgEven sheep were listening with delight!
27-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgWith Tim Parsons and his wife aboard, we begin a tour of the enormous farm. The burned trunks of trees remind of devastating wildfires. They happen in Australia from time to time.
28-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgNeedless to say, the Parsons family not only breeds sheep but also grows poppies.
29-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgThere are signs warning that collecting poppies is forbidden and dangerous.
30-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgOn this note, our acquaintance with a Parsons family farm comes to an end. The cheerful head of the family says goodbye to tourists. Very cool dude!
Our bus comes back to 


. Here is Derwent with numerous pelicans by the estuary of the river.
31-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgWe cross the river by an already familiar bridge:
32-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgWe are onboard of the Princess" once again:
33-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgHere are some photos of Hobart from the main deck:
34-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg35-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg36-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgMeanwhile, "Rhapsody of the Seas" sails away. A year ago during our cruise across the Southeast Asia, we repeatedly met the other liner of the "Royal Caribbean", the "Legend of the Seas". Two other participants of our forum traveled on it at different times. "Rhapsody" is very similar, even the wall for rock-climbing on the aft is almost the same!
37-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg38-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg"Rhapsody" sails to an exit of the bay:
39-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgNow our turn has come:
40-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgThe vessel follows a direct fairway gradually expanding to the sea gulf. Far ahead you can see a silhouette of "Rhapsody" through a veil of rain. A local pilot meets the bulk ship halfway, then leaves the "Princess" and heads to the ship which, on the contrary, now will be coming into the port.
41-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpg42-tasmania-hobart-p2.jpgCoast, meanwhile, gradually disappears in the veil. We head for the coast of continental Australia. Tomorrow is a transitional day, then "Princess" will arrive in Melbourne. Our cruise imperceptibly approaches its final part …

In the evening the ship's crew made a very interesting and somewhat touching performance. Many of the employees are remarkable singers, they play musical instruments, dance and when there's an opportunity, they participate in concerts with pleasure. It is very popular both among tourists and among its direct participants. It really is a remarkable concert!

There was also a cowboy party later in the evening. Closer to the end of the cruise, you start appreciating evenings onboard more. Even planning the tours, you think: "I wish the evening comes sooner...". Then when it comes, it flies by so quickly that you impatiently wait for another evening, still trying to enjoy every second of the trip.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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