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One Step Away From MSC Seaview Cruise Ship

4 minutes read • May 8th, 2018
Yes, we know that there are still a couple of weeks before the newest

MSC Seaview

cruise ship begins her career, but we can’t wait that long! We decided to virtually visit FINCANTIERI's Monfalcone shipyard in Italy to check how the construction of the upcoming MSC Cruises’ representative is going on.
MSC Seaside cruise ship
MSC Seaside, the MSC Seaview’s sister, by Dickelbers/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

MSC Seaview is the second member of the company’s Seaside class of cruise ships. She is expected to join her elder sister, MSC Seaside, in June 2018.
Her first steel was cut on October 16, 2015. On February 2, 2017, the ship got her coin for luck, and on August 23, 2017, MSC Seaview was floated out.

The ship has a tonnage of 153,516 GT. She is designed for warm destinations, and the MSC Seaview’s Waterfront Boardwalk that circumnavigates the ship offers an incredible view of the endless sea.

This video of MSC Seaview under construction is so inspiring!

MSC Seaview will accommodate 5,179 cruise lovers in 2,067 comfortable staterooms.

She already looks amazing in these pictures, doesn’t she?

And pretty soon, the MSC Seaview’s team will welcome you aboard.

This place is going to become one of the most desired offices in the world:

Публикация от ale (@mynoisette)

MSC Seaview will spend her inaugural season in the warm Western Mediterranean departing from Genoa, Marseille, and Barcelona.
Who’s already booked for her?

The end of spring 2018 is going to be really breathtaking!

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