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district,golf,hot pools, spa pools,paintball

Oropi is a rural district located in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand. It is located 20 kilometres south of Tauranga and 43 kilometres north of Rotorua. It has been suggested that the word Oropi is the Māori language equivalent of Europe. This is derived from the 1860s when government forces were based in the area at the time of the Battle of Gate Pā.

Oropi is mainly a farming community of both agriculture and horticulture ranging from kiwifruit orchards to dairy farms. Recently there has been some subdivision of farms into lifestyle blocks to take advantage of views of the coastline towards the Coromandel Peninsula and islands in the Bay of Plenty including Karewa (Gannet) Island, Mayor Island (Tuhua) and Motiti Island.

Local facilities include a 9-hole golf course, hot pools, a paintball course and mountain bike tracks.


The local school is Oropi Primary School which has a roll which varies between 160 and 190 pupils and takes children of years 1-8 (age 5-12).

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