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Osaka Castle

Nefer • 5 minutes read • October 12th, 2016
It is called


 in Japanese. So we should go to the subway station called Osaka-jo koen or Osaka-jo kitazume, and then - 10 minutes on foot. You can also get to the Morinomiya station of the JR Loop line, but then you'll have to go a little longer. Or the same 10 minutes from the station called Tanimachi. I went to Morinomiya, so you can see the car with the inscription Kintetsu in the picture. In


, as well as in Nagoya, there are several carriers: in the center, there's mostly Kintetsu, in the north - Hankyu, in the south - Nankai, in the west - Hanshin, and Japan Railways encloses the center with a ring and spreads its branches to the sides. Well, let's go to the castle.
There are signs with pictures at the exit. Apparently gaijins have tired out workers :)
When you leave the subway, you get in the park (

Osaka Castle Park

). And it's clearly seen where to go.
I'm not well in English, but if I've translated the pointer correctly, this is the former headquarters of the Imperial Army.
In 1580, it was the largest castle in Japan. It was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. However, well-known Tokugawa Ieyasu ordered to destroy the castle. In 1629, it was rebuilt, but then it was struck by lightning and the fire started in it. The current version belongs to 1931, it's a little smaller than the original one. As well as Nagoya-jo, it has a lift and plasma TVs. Well, it's a modern replica.
Here's the capsule with a message to descendants.
There's a museum inside the tower. The entrance cost 600 yen in the year 2012. Working hours are from 9:00 to 17:00.
Here I am at the top :)
On each side, there are stands showing what and where is situated.
This is Crystal Tower (it was built in 1990 and has 37 floors) on the left, and in the middle - there are two buildings Twin21 Towers (1986, 38 floors). All together, this is Osaka Business Park.
Here's another fish. Perhaps one of them is a girl and another is a boy. It was so in the castle of Nagoya.
It's forbidden to take pictures in the castle. But you can be photographed in medieval clothes in a special place. It cost 300 yen. These heavy helmets look especially funny on children :)
This is Toyotomi Hideyoshi. And there's a Shinto shrine in his honor nearby.
Perhaps it is a wedding. Although couples sometimes take a photo session in traditional costumes for no reason. I've seen it many times, but I felt uncomfortable to photo them. This time, I could not resist.
I'm going back to the subway.
And here's the ticket for the whole day. It was weekend, so it cost 600 yen. During weekdays, the cost of such ticket will be 800 yen. It's called One-Day Pass, you can buy it in usual machines selling tickets.
In the next part, I'll tell you about Shitenno-ji Temple (Osaka. Shitennoji Temple).
Author: Nefer
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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