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Osaka. Namba

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 12th, 2016
Namba is a major transport hub in the center of


. Several railway and subway lines converge here. And the most memorable moment was when I got to the desired station and could not find a way out.
It was a real attraction and I didn't manage to overcome it. I do not suffer from complete lack of sense of direction, but this ability seems to be active only on an open area. Under the ground, everything is the same, tunnels, corridors, shops, escalators, shops again... After fifteen minutes of wandering, I realized that I wouldn't cope with that on my own and I began to look for Information Desk. I found it, they explained me everything, gave a piece of a map with the adjacent territory and showed the direction. I was delighted, but too early, it didn't help me. I asked the guards how to get out of this maze two times. This has never happened in my life. It is a huge multi-level building, which is partly situated underground and is a hybrid of the station and shopping center - and it did not want to let me go!
When I finally got on the street and saw this man of Taito Station, I was very happy. I took the map and... got lost again! I was ready to cry. I went back to the red man and began searching again.
This narrow hallway is the entrance to the hotel.
And here's how the city looks like in the morning. It's still sleeping. The shops are closed, the streets are almost empty. But there are many cars, noise, trade during the day.
The station is also quiet. In the evening, I couldn't find the exit, in the morning - I couldn't find the entrance. And there were no people on the street, so I wasn't able to ask anybody. But I found the door.
Author: Nefer
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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