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Our Accommodation Not Far From Disney World

wwworld • 3 minutes read • December 3rd, 2016
During our stay in Florida, we stayed in the outskirts of 


, a few miles away from 

Disney World

I booked a house in the territory of a residential estate with 24-hour security.
This was the administration building.
1our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThere was a swimming pool (one of four) right behind it.
2our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThere were also three children's playgrounds.
3our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThe residential area consisted of about 50 small two-story buildings - just like a neighborhood :) It looked almost the same:
4our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgHere's the entrance to our house:
5our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThe living room:
6our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThe kitchen:
7our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThis was the bedroom on the first floor. In total, there were 4 bedrooms in the house.
8our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThere was a bathroom right next to the bedroom. There was a total of three bathrooms in the house.
9our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThis was the bedroom on the second floor.
10our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgHere's a bathroom:
11our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThis is another bedroom:
12our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgHere's another one:
13our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgThis is the last bathroom:
14our-accommodation-not-far-from-disney-world.jpgMoreover, there was a washing machine and a dryer, a full set of towels, including beach towels for the pool. In general, the house was very nice.
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