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Our Ride Through Abu Dhabi in a Ferrari

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • March 22nd, 2016

I have visited


 many times, in fact, I would need more fingers to count the number of times I have been there. However, I had never been to

Abu Dhabi

, despite it being an hour away from Dubai. 

Recently, a 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi amusement park had opened

, built in conjunction with the legendary Ferrari company. Today's post will be about this and many other places in Dubai.

When you are driving along the Dubai emirate, the road is surrounded by sand, but large area of greenery comes into view as soon as you enter the territory of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A great amount of money is spent on watering; one palm tree alone requires 80 liters of water a day, which is desalinated before use.

Arabs do not stop with their excellent roads, they plan to build a magnetic levitation train that will operate between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a speed of almost 280 miles per hour, shortening the trip to roughly 25 minutes!

Abu Dhabi is where Sheikh Zayed used to live. Even during his life it had changed into a technological and progressive city:

Just look at those buildings:

The leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi (Capital Gate) for $ 2.2 billion. The angle of inclination of the building is 18 degrees, compared to the angel of inclination fo the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is only 4 degrees; 4.5 times less! In June 2010 representatives of the Guinness Book of Records noted the Capital Gate building as having the largest angle of inclination in the world:

There are two types of paid parking nearby - standard and premium. A good idea is to borrow more money for parking at the entrance to the store:

Two buildings, popularly nicknamed 'The Pineapples'. They are covered with special panels which close on the sunny side and open in the shadow to make it easier to cool the building:

The building has received some kind of award for the most environmentally friendly building in the world:

There are almost no windows in the Arab villas, and the size of the existing ones is extremely small. It is made specially to keep more shade in the house and less heat from sunlight:

Building of a new presidential palace:

If Dubai is called the tourist capital of the UAE, then Abu Dhabi claims to be the cultural one. Louvre and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi branches are being erected on one of its islands today. There is already a museum of modern art - Saadiyat. It's named so in honor of the nearest island, where the Arabs want to make a cultural center:

Here is the island and the plan on how it will be built-up. Under the TV Set is the model of the Louvre's branch, in the foreground to the right is the Guggenheim Museum. Malls will occupy the biggest part of the island. For what are those malls on the cultural island, you'll ask? In fact, they are huge air-conditioned complexes with gardens and territories. Summer temperature in the Emirates is around 50 degrees Celsius, and people need to hide somewhere:

There is a national village in Abu Dhabi, where you can see the way of life of local residents before the petrodollars explosion:

Frankly speaking, they lived modestly:

Weaved carpets, bent the daggers:

And finally, the promised Ferrari World Theme Park - the biggest indoor amusement park in the world:

Of course, there are plenty of exhibits and models of vehicles in the halls:

And, of course, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rides. The coolest coaster accelerates to 240 km/h speed. Unfortunately, we arrived an hour before closing and did not have time to ride it. And maybe fortunately - they say, visitors crawl dazed from it.

There are quieter attractions. For example riding in the tires:

Plenty of carting of all types and speeds:

Park is excellent, especially the boys liked it. I recommend!
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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