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Our Trip To Everglades National Park. Robert Is Here

wwworld • 3 minutes read • November 13th, 2016
One day, we went to the 

Everglades National Park

, which occupies all of the southern Florida peninsula.
"Robert Is Here" restaurant was our first stop.
1our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg2our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg3our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg4our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgThe history of this place goes back to 1959, when little Robert was only 6 years old and his father placed him at the crossroads to sell cucumbers. There were so many containers of cucumbers, but no cars had stopped that day...
Robert's father was very surprised, and he said: "It doesn't seem that all these people do not like cucumbers. I suppose they just haven't noticed our little boy behind the containers". The next day, his father placed a tablet with an inscription in big red letters: "Robert Is Here". By noon, Robert had sold all the cucumbers, and came back home.
The next weekend, the farmer's neighbor had added his tomatoes to Robert's "kiosk" and everything was sold off again. To this day, Robert works in this very prosperous shop. Here's the same six-year-old boy from 1959:
5our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgWe ordered a milkshake with strawberries, Key Lime and two ripe mangoes:
6our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgThe day was hot enough, about +86F (+30C).
There was a little zoo in the territory of Robert's shop.
7our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg8our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgHere's Robert and his family.
9our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgThese are the plantations.
10our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgLater, we arrived in the 

Everglades National Park

11our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg12our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg13our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg14our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg15our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg16our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpgCrocodiles were all around.
17our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg18our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg19our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg20our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg21our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg22our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg23our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg24our-trip-to-everglades-national-park-continuation.jpg Author:  wwworld
Source:  wwworld.livejournal.com
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