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Palazzo Venezia, Naples

History and museums
palace, sightseeing, walking, history, culture

The Palazzo Venezia is a palace in central Naples. Located on the Via Benedetto Croce of the Via Spaccanapoli.


The palace was given in 1412 to the Venetian Republic by the King Ladislaus I for use as an embassy. The palace fell into disrepair by the 16th century, and in 1610 was restored by Giuseppe Zono by decree of the Venetian Senate. In 1646 and after an earthquake in 1688, the palace again underwent reconstructions by its Venetian owners. After the Napoleonic wars, the palace, now property of the Habsburg monarchy was sold to the lawyer Gaspare Capone, In this century a small neoclassic garden building (casina pompeiana).The building has an open entrance stairwell.


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