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Palermo, Main City In Sicily

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • August 13th, 2016
"When in Rome do as the Romans do".
It means that if you want to drive in


, you should be ready to break the laws))).
Nervous and law-abiding people are not recommended to travel by car on the roads of this city!..
And it's not the question of the traffic, which is enough in many other large cities, but this is a very different thing. In Palermo there is some randomness in road traffic, multiplied by the lack of markings, a huge number of motorcyclists and disregard for the traffic regulations.
At least we understood it in this way))).
So, I warned you))).
We mostly were walking on foot through the city. Only when we wanted to look at something outside the city, then we used a car.
To be honest, the city itself did not impress us very much. I was expecting it to be as worse so better))). Firstly, I thought there must be a lot of dirt, wrecks, and illegal immigrants. And secondly, I thought there are more spectacular places of interest.
In generally, it turned out to be a pretty ordinary town, very similar to many others. There are the same alleys, parks, houses, and shops. Although I must admit, that we saw very little there, so it's a pretty superficial impression. We didn’t try to see "everything at once", therefore we weren’t looking for attractions and we just walked around the city. We wanted to feel the atmosphere of the city.
1main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgAnd now, let us walk around


The only mention of the mafia we saw in the monument to the victims of this phenomenon...
2main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgAnd we didn’t note these tendencies in the locals, which are very smiling and polite people))). We were walking without a map of the city. So sometimes we had to ask for a way. 
3main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg4main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg5main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg6main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg7main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg8main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgHere’s a fountain called "Pretoria".
It is also called the "Shame.")))
9main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg10main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg The locals are quite religious people.
11main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg12main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg13main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgThere are a lot of


14main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg15main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg16main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgThere are many different cozy courtyards.
This one is called Piazza San Francesco.
17main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgWe went to one of the street cafes, which are plenty there))).
18main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg19main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg20main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg21main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg22main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg23main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgI was surprised with a small number of emigrants in the city. I thought that the refugees from Lampedusa are in the whole of Sicily! We saw only immigrants "in business" - different merchants, etc.
I liked also that there are many parks in the city...
24main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg25main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg26main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg27main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg28main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg29main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpg30main-city-in-sicily-palermo.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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