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Palm Beach. Florida. USA

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 13th, 2016

Palm Beach 

was our first destination on the list of places to visit when we stopped in Pompano Beach. First of all, I wanted to see the most expensive or the richest US city (I read this definition in the guide book - I think it only refers to the "per capita income" because it is very small in size). Secondly, I wanted to take a walk through the shops. 
There really were a lot of good shops in this wonderful place, on the street called Worth Avenue!!! It's just a paradise for shopaholics! And I really liked the place itself - it's clean and nice, there are a lot of cafes (not expensive!) where you can relax in between shopping.
And there's a wonderful beach with blue water. I do not know if my photos will do its justice... Generally, there was the beautiful beach along the entire coast in the Palm Beach area - much better than South Beach . There was only one drawback - when we were driving there, there was almost no parking. And we saw the signs "Private" everywhere. Apparently, only the residents are allowed on the beach. Hmm... It is good, on the one hand (safety-wise), but on the other hand, it turns out that you live in isolation...
And here are pictures.
Worth Avenue is very similar to European streets.
Henry Flagler, one of the magnates and organizers of the construction in Florida in the late 1800s, conceived this place as a winter residence for wealthy Americans. And the architect Addison Mizner took the opportunity to "Hispanicize" it to his liking, which is very noticeable in the architecture of houses and cozy courtyards, and parks.
Shops, as I previously mentioned, really pleased us - not a bad selection.
Nearby streets are also very nice but there are no shops.
I just imagined the American «beau monde» walking here in the good old days... The times now are a little more democratic, but I still believe housing there is not available to just anyone. We did not notice any modest houses there.
Maybe it's safer there than in the 

Coconut Grove

? However, the policeman we saw was armed. Or does it not mean anything?
Here is the local beach.
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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