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Panama Canal - From The Atlantic To The Pacific Ocean Between Two Americas. P.3.

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • October 30th, 2015
On the left is the dam on the river, which formed the reservoir of 



Finally, the lock chambers were free and ready to take our ship. This arrow shows the skippers which of the two lines to choose.

Moving into the left chamber and toward us from the right chamber  was a tow. Finally, a huge floating crane was lifted, along with the 'culprit' of the traffic jam. Then the locking process began again, but much faster.

Near the top left chamber, there is a tourist center of the 

Panama Canal

. There are several large open areas, where anyone can look at vessels going through the locks. There is also a webcam, from which our vessel could be seen.

'Zaandam' was going through the last chamber of the Miraflores lock before leaving the Panama Canal, into the Pacific Ocean and continuing the cruise along the coast of South America.
The observation decks of the tourist center at Miraflores were overcrowded. Passing of a cruise ship through the canal is a significant event and a unique opportunity for many overland tourists to take rare footage.

An admiring crowd.

The gates of the last chamber of the Miraflores locks were closing - the final locking, and we would find ourselves at the ocean level.

Before the construction of two permanent bridges over the Panama Canal, only this drawbridge acted. For 50 years, it carried out the connection between two Americas.

Locomotive driver at work.

The locking was finished - we went to the exit!

The locks of the Pacific slope of the Panama Canal remained behind.

Going to the exit.

Leaving. From left, the Pacific container port.

The exit to the Pacific Ocean was incredibly beautiful - we passed under an openwork arch of the 

Bridge of the Americas

, opened in 1962.

On the left, you can see a magnificent panorama of the capital of the eponymous state, surrounded by green hills. The city of Panama.

A pilot boat took ship pilots escorting us along the Panama Canal, and giving a parting, good-natured siren, going back.

At the entrance to the Panama Canal, from the Pacific Ocean side, were a lot of ships.

A fresh breeze was blowing in my face and a flock of birds were accompanying our 'Zaandam' that was sailing into the vast expanse of the ocean . . . 

We were in the Pacific Ocean!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Gian Luka

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