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Panama City

River Pilgrim • 3 minutes read • September 10th, 2016
Balboa is a city and port on the Pacific coast, at the entrance to the

Panama Canal


Bridge of the Americas

is the bridge in Balboa, at the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Pacific side. It was opened in 1962. Its overall length is 5413 feet (1650 meters).
4the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpgHere's the Pacific Ocean.
5the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpgHere's the anchorage of vessels at the channel inlet.
6the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpgThis is the Bridge of the Americas and the beginning of the Panama Canal.
7the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpgHere's Panama city, the capital of Panama.
8the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg9the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg10the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg11the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg12the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg13the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpgHere's Panama City.


is a port city on the Atlantic coast of Panama, near the entrance to the canal.
16the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg17the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg18the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg19the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg20the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpgThis is Cristobal port.
21the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg22the-panama-canal-trip-p3.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Zoozi

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