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Paris. Left Bank Of Seine, Latin Quarter And Environs

Uritsk Andrey • 3 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
The left bank of the


has long been associated with poets, philosophers, artists and thinkers of various trends.

Latin Quarter

is a historic neighborhood located between the Luxembourg Gardens and the River Seine. Countless bookstores, art galleries, and cheap cafes are located here. The maze of narrow streets with cobblestone retains its style. Next to the facade of the Sorbonne, the first university in France, built in 1253, there are a lot of small shops and avant-garde theaters. Many Parisians dream of living near the Luxembourg Gardens, considering it to be a quiet location with charming old streets and carefully planned parks.

1paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg2paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg3paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpgThe Church of Saint-Sulpice is one of the most impressive churches in


4paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg5paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg6paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg7paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpgThe square in front of the facade of Saint-Sulpice is decorated with a majestic fountain:
8paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg9paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg10paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpgIt is not far from the quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the main dominant of which is a similarly-named church, the oldest in Paris (of 542 AD)!
11paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg12paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg13paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg14paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg15paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpgThis is Sorbonne, the citadel of French students:
16paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpgAnd finally, the Luxembourg Garden, the abode of peace and quiet in a modern city.
17paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg18paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg19paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg20paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg21paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpg22paris-leftbank-ofsena-latinquarter-andenvirons.jpgThis is on the left banks of Paris one can feel comfort, peace and quiet so unspecific of large cities!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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