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Paris. Opera Quarter

Uritsk Andrey • 3 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
The Opera Quarter is adjacent to the first quarter of the


, about which I was telling in one of my previous reviews. A masterpiece of the 19th century, Grands Boulevards designed by Baron Haussmann filled with a crowd of bank employees, theater-goers, onlookers and buyers - those who often comes to the Opera. It is said that if you sit long enough at a table in a cafe across the

Opera Garnier

, you will see people from all over the world. This place is the center of commerce, tourism, and shopping because huge department stores are located along the Grands Boulevards. And in the evening, night clubs and theaters attract completely different people and cafes along the

Boulevard des Capucines

are full of life till morning.
1paris-opera-quarter.jpg2paris-opera-quarter.jpg3paris-opera-quarter.jpg4paris-opera-quarter.jpg5paris-opera-quarter.jpg6paris-opera-quarter.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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