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Paris. Promenade Along The Seine

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • August 21st, 2016
This river has a special charm. There are very few cities in Europe which shape is determined by a river. The 


is the main axis of 


: all distances are measured from its banks, the numbering of houses begins from the embankments. The Seine divides Paris in half better than any boundaries: the right bank is to the north, the left one is to the south. The city stretches along the Seine for almost 30 miles (50 km). The most important buildings of Paris are located on embankments or in their immediate vicinity. The elegant home bourgeoisie, luxury mansions, famous museums and wonderful monuments adorn the banks of the Seine. There is its own life on the water. Although the automobiles have changed our lives, there are still barges with cargos and pleasure boats. 
1paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg2paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgHere’s the view of 

Notre Dame de Paris one 

in the early misty morning:
3paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThis is the Pont Neuf. Despite its name, this is the oldest bridge in Paris, immortalized in the works of many artists and writers. The first foundation stone was laid in 1578, and the bridge opened in 1607.
4paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg5paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThere are the Pont des Invalides and the Grand Palais in the background:
6paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg7paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgPont Saint-Louis on a channel separating the Ile de la Cite and the Ile Saint-Louis:
8paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThis is the Pont des Arts, the first iron bridge in Paris. Its construction lasted from 1802 to 1804:
9paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg10paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgParisians love to hang locks for luck on the Pont des Arts. The Pont du Carrousel is in the background.
11paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg12paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg13paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgLife on the Seine does not stop for a minute:
14paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThere are several houseboats moored on the waterfront near the Monnaie de Paris. People inhabit these houses. They have their own mail boxes located immediately on the waterfront, and there are a lot of bicycles parked by ladders:
15paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThis is the Pont des Arts and the Louvre:
16paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg17paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThis is the Pont Alexandre III, the most beautiful bridge in Paris. It is a light elegant single-span arch thrown across the Seine. There are richly ornamented columns with gilt and bronze sculptures established on each of its sides. The bridge was built in 1896-1900 as a reminder of the Franco-Russian alliance in 1892, and the 1900 World's Fair. The first foundation stone was laid by Emperor Alexander III, in whose honor the bridge was named.
18paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgHere’s the Pedestrian bridge near the Quai Branly:
19paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg20paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgHere’s Notre Dame Cathedral in night illumination:
21paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThese are the Pont des Arts, the Pont Neuf, and the Ile de la Cite at sunset lights:
22paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg23paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg24paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg25paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg26paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThere are the Pont d'Arcole and the spire of Notre-Dame de Paris in the background:
27paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg28paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg29paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpg30paris-promenade-along-theseine.jpgThe Seine with its granite embankments, colorful facades of palaces and cathedrals, and numerous bridges is certainly one of the main decorations of Paris!
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: 

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