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Paris. Quarter Of The Invalids

Uritsk Andrey • 3 minutes read • August 7th, 2016
The construction of the magnificent building, which gave the name to the whole quarter, was launched on the orders of Louis 14th in 1670. It was intended for the wounded and homeless veterans, many of whom had lost their livelihoods. The building was completed in 1676. Later the

Cathedral des Invalides

with gilded dome was annexed to it. It was built as a private chapel of Louis 14th. Initially, Les Invalides could host up to 6,000 soldiers, nowadays this is a home to about 100 veterans of the French armed forces. A harmonious facade of the building, designed in the classical style, is one of the most spectacular sights of


, the pearl of the French architecture of the 17th century. The ensemble of buildings occupies a large area and it is richly decorated. The tree-lined walkways to the esplanade rush to the banks of the


1paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpgThe park in front of Les Invalides goes to the Seine, which crosses the Pont Alexandre III, the most beautiful place in the city:​
2paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg3paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg4paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg5paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg6paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpgHere are Les Invalides and the park in front of it:
7paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg8paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg9paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg10paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpgThe Cathedral of Les Invalides. Here are the remains of Napoleon in one of the crypts in a sarcophagus of red porphyry:​
11paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg12paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg13paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg14paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpg15paris-quarterofthe-invalids.jpgAuthor: Uritsk
Translated by: Zoozi

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