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Paris. The Eiffel Tower

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • October 20th, 2016
When the weather is good, one must stand a looong queue to get to the

Eiffel Tower

. However, it is possible to avoid the queues. For that, one will have to get up very early in the morning (when there’s no crowd of tourists). Moreover, the tower has four entrances, and three of them are equipped with elevators. And if you use the least loaded entrance, you can almost without queuing ascend at a height of 57 m of the first level (or, if you have strength and enthusiasm – you may ascend the 115-meter second level), and go from there atop comfortably using the elevator. Anyway, the panoramas, which are opening from the observation deck, surely deserve to see them. Besides, the tower itself is very special in the context of the engineering. So that certainly deserves to be acquainted with it.
1paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgEveryone may know that the Eiffel Tower was built for the World Exhibition in 1889, which was held in honor of the centennial of the French Revolution. In just a few years before that event, the Paris city government had asked the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel to make a corresponding proposal. At first, Eiffel was a bit taken aback, but then he rummaged his papers and introduced drawings of a 300-meter metal tower, to which he had previously paid little attention.
The competition attracted 107 candidates. Various extravagant ideas also were under consideration. For example, a giant guillotine that reminded of the French Revolution. Another proposal was a stone tower.
Eiffel’s project became one of the four winners, and then the engineer had made a final change in finding a compromise between the original scheme of a purely engineering design and decorative option.
In order, the tower could more meet aesthetic tastes of the demanding Parisian public, the architect Stefan Sovestru was instructed to work on its artistic appearance.

In January 1887, Eifel, the state and the municipality of


signed an agreement under which Eiffel was provided a lease of the tower for personal use operating for 25 years. The construction works during two years, two months and five days were performed by 300 workers. Apart from the record period of construction, there were also high-quality drawings of extremely exact dimensions of more than 18,038 metal parts, for the assembly of which, 2.5 million rivets were used.
During the construction works, there was no any accident fatality that was a significant achievement for that time.
The tower had evoked surprise and delight of the Parisians, who had seen it growing in the sky. March 31, 1889, few officials were invited to ascend to the first level.
Initially, the tower was planned to be dismantled in 20 years after construction. However, the construction had a stunning and immediate success.
The creative intelligentsia of Paris and France was outraged with Eiffel’s bold project. Starting from the beginning of construction, indignation and demands to stop construction of the tower were applied in the city hall of Paris. Writers and artists feared that the steel structure will overwhelm the architecture of the city, or break the unique style of the capital, down through the centuries.
Since 1957, on top of the construction, there is the TV tower, besides more than tens of linear and parabolic antennas, performing a variety of retransmission of radio and television programs.

Nowadays, the tower as popular as before. It has still remained the most recognizable architectural landmark of Paris, a world-famous symbol of France. Although the Eiffel called it simply - a 300-meter tower.
On the first level of the tower, located at an altitude of 57 meters, there are cafes, restaurants, and a skating rink.
2paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThe second level of the tower is located at an altitude of 115 meters above the ground.
3paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThis is the top of the tower. The observation deck is at a height of 276 meters. During our visit, the weather was cloudy.
4paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgHere’s a dyer-climber "hanging" here since 1889. :)
5paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThe shortest one queue leads to the entrance, which is not equipped with an elevator.
6paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThese are unique fishnet riveted joints.
7paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThere’s a bust of its founder under the tower.
8paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg9paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg10paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg11paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg12paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg13paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg14paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgDuring the second our visit, the weather turned out to be fine. :)
15paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgHere’s a panorama of Paris from the heights of the second level:


on the hill:
17paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg18paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg19paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgHere’s Square Trocadero, Palais de Chaillot and fountains:
20paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThese are exquisite openwork metallic structures:
21paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgHere’s the Grand Palais:
22paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgHere’s Pont Alexandre III and Place de la Concorde:
23paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgWe decided to ascend higher!
24paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgThere’s also a queue to the elevator to the observation deck. However, while waiting, you can drink coffee, admire the views, watch the people, and take pictures of the panorama of Paris from the second level of the tower…
And here is a top view!
25paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg26paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg27paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg28paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg29paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg30paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg31paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg32paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg 33paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg34paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg35paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg36paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg37paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg38paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg39paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg40paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg41paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg42paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg43paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpg44paris-the-eiffel-tower.jpgNotre Dame de Paris and Ile de la Cite is the heart of Paris. The rhythm of life of modern Paris is best felt on the Champs Elysees, but Eiffel Tower is certainly the symbol of the capital of France!
Author: Uritsk
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