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Park Of Volcanoes On The Island Of Lanzarote

3boi • 3 minutes read • February 11th, 2017
1park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpgThe island of


made me wonder. It's just a few hours on the water from the neighboring Canary Islands, but there's a feeling that you find yourself in another world.
300 years ago, everything was blooming and smelling, the harvest was several times a year. So far in 1730, in the result of the eruption, which lasted nearly six years, almost half of the island was buried under lava and ash. About thirty volcanic craters were formed on the surface of the earth along the rift, stretching from north to south of the island of Lanzarote. So the modern landscape of

Timanfaya National Park

was formed.
In 1824, the eruption was repeated, but it was less strong. Since that time, the local volcanoes are asleep, and the amazing lunar landscapes have become the hallmark of Lanzarote and its main attraction.
Timanfaya National Park of volcanoes may give you an idea how does the life on other planets look like. Multi-colored lava fields of


have been the scenery to films about distant planets.
It is allowed to go only by tour buses or cloven-hoofed animals (e.g. camels).
2park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg3park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg4park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg5park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg6park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg7park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg8park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg9park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg10park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg11park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg12park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg13park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg14park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg15park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg16park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg17park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg18park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg19park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg20park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg21park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg22park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg23park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg24park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg25park-of-volcanoes-on-the-island-of-lanzarote.jpg Author: 3boi
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