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Parks and gardens of Kuala-Lumpur P.1

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • April 23rd, 2016
So, today is the last day of our cruise and early in the morning tomorrow, our liner will arrive in Singapore. Today, our final stop before our return is

Kuala Lumpur,

 the capital of Malaysia. The city is located several miles (km) from the sea, and the sea gate of the Malaysian capital is 

Port Klang,

which is about an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. Three days ago, after departure from Melaka and following our passage, we passed the busy raid of Port Klang, leaving the transit route and into the coast and the harbor.  

There are a lot of vessels on raid, as it is unsurprisingly for  the capital!
Over there you can see one of the liners from the Star Cruise company that generally works in this region.
These are container terminals …
Here's a passerby …
Here is the passenger terminal of port Klang where already well familiar to us 

Legend of the Seas

And now we join it too. :)
There are several different excursions of different types offered to the tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur. We preferred a program that was interesting, offered beautiful views of the city and was, at the same time, not tiring. After two weeks of intensive programs, our brains could no longer digest all of the historic facts, museums, etc. On the contrary, we just wanted to rest, walk around and the enjoy the last days of our cruise. So, the excursion we chose was called "Parks of Kuala Lumpur" and, getting ahead of myself, I can tell that it met all of our expectations!

We boarded a bus leaving Port Klang and an hour later, during which time I slept while listening to the guide speak haha, we made it to the center of the capital of Malaysia.
The main mosque of the country is located in this square. 
The capital of Malaysia, at first sight, is very pleasant. It is a green, pure, accurate and well-groomed city, something slightly reminding Singapore. The following stop during our tour was at Independence Square, the main square in the capital.
The area represents the accurate field in front of royal cricket club. Earlier this field was used for holding sports matches (cricket, rugby, tennis, field hockey). Exactly here  is established the highest flagstaff in the world (100 meters) on which national flag of Malaysia flutters, and exactly here at midnight on August 31, 1957 the British flag was lowered forever.
And there are some more photos of the area and its surroundings …
For now the first part of our acquaintance with the city is complete. And again we get into a bus and go further: we should visit two very interesting parks: Bird park and Orchid park.

On the way we pass by such an unusual fountain...

To be continued! Read the second part.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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