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Parks and gardens of Kuala-Lumpur P.4

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • April 23rd, 2016
Let's continue our walk!
And now we plunge into an underwater world - 

Aquaria KLCC

! There is a huge oceanarium located near the Twin Towers that we also visited . . .
Small tropical fish live here.
Slopes and other "electric" fish swim here.

And in the next aquarium the sad moray eel swims…
Hmmm, I might eat you along with your camera but the glass stops me . . . 

This is a lizard.

... and a sea turtle:
In the oceanarium, besides water dwelling creatures, there are also beautiful butterflies.
And this snake, leaning against its own tail, stared at us with a philosophical look. Perhaps, it is a relative of the Bao-Bao snake? :)

And one more green snake. It is hard to notice this one among the foliage! However, that is the point :)
Here is a real green serpent... :) 
These are tropical fish.
We then walked through a big glass tunnel where we became acquainted with the underwater world of the neighboring seas and oceans more closely …
The  of the seas!
And now our acquaintance with 

Kuala Lumpur

came to an end. Our final walk took place on the yard near the oceanarium and we admired the 

Twin Towers.

The pier of Port Klang, again. The one hour from the capital to port passed quickly. 

Some more landscape shots of the big port. Here you can see the container terminals.
And this is, probably, a local fleet.
In the south it gets dark very quickly, so when we came to the deck it was already dark. The liner left Klang port and the cruise's last transition to the sea was coming up.  

Tomorrow "Costa Allegra" will arrive in Singapore, where our cruise will come to an end. However, we have one more day of land travel which we will spend in Singapore.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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