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Parque García Sanabria

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Parque García Sanabria is a public urban park in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). It was inaugurated in 1926. It is a large garden area, combined with fountains and architectural groups.

Its name derives from the Mayor Garcia Sanabria, who approved its construction. It is the largest urban park in the Canary Islands. It has an area of 67,230 square metres (723,700 sq ft). In 1973 an international sculptural exposition took place there. Some of the sculptures, thirteen or so, were displayed on that occasion to adorn all corners and walks in the park.

Flower clock

The park's floral clock was manufactured in Switzerland by the house Favag and was a gift from the Consul of Denmark to the island of Tenerife in 1958.

The flower clock is flanked by two staircases and behind him is the central source. It is characterized by constantly adorned with fresh flowers. ||| Public domain ||| Public domain

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