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Patios of St.Petersburg

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • April 1st, 2016
During my trip to the Yota space festival of unusual technologies, I have discovered my favorite

St. Petersburg

from its new side. Together with one of my readers, we went through small courtyards looking for unusual sculptures. Perhaps

St. Petersburg

might even surpass Berlin in its number...
It is not accepted to clean roads in

St. Petersburg

, and the cars throw the fresh snow in the pavement:
The situation with sidewalks is the same. It is extremely difficult to walk on it. You have to knead the snow with boots all the time:
Icicles overhang their sharp tongues from the roofs of houses:
Instead removing it down, the city administration prefers to hang notice "Beware of icicles...":
To take this shot, I had to fasten the camera to a tripod, set a 2 seconds delay and put a maximum wide angle. The camera on tripod was tightly to the sign. It was my friend’s idea to use a tripod. I managed to od that at the second attempt:
The tradition to neglect the snow is also held in the very patios:
As in other Russian cities, a place for smoking is always close to children's playground:
The courtyards are connected with tunnels. Judging by left empty bottle, these passages are full of life in the evening:
Very funny patio of "Wizard of Oz" style:
You can’t see it at once, but if you look closely...
Sculptures are not always hidden in the yards. Sometimes they go out into the streets and show itself to the public:
And this is a monument to a good dog named Gavryusha (by the way I used to think that Gavryusha was a cow's name). Lisa, Gavryusha’s fan, kept a honorary guard at the monument:
This is a chess patio. Unfortunately, because of the snowfall we could not play a game:
Two boys take a goose from each other. Panikovskiy would clip their wings:
And this is a magic chair. If you climb up on it and rub a crystal ball, then your dream will sure come true:
Heeeeey ... I do not understand, "what" or "who" is that:
Well, here’re few sketches from the streets of St. Petersburg:
Pay attention to the sign "Toilet is 0 meters from here". Somehow I did not find it there. Should it be done right on the wall?
Talking about "Shawarma" and "Shawurma":
If only Americans could see the palaces, where local McDonald's live. It’s hard to compare with their plastic architecture:

The year is coming to the end in a short time, and according to the tradition I will publish a selection of my best photos of the year 2010.
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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