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Pavoor Uliya

Natural sights
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Pavoor Uliya 1 is an Island, located just 12 km away from Mangalore 2. The island has 35 houses with a chapel 3 and government school(which is closed). Netravathi River has been surrounded by four sides.

During Summer a temporary wooden bridge connects to the outer world. In Rainy season a common passenger boat takes the Uliates out of the island. There are no street lights, no shops, no medical assistance inside the island.


There is a meaning behind the name "Pavoor Uliya". Uliya means "left over or remaining land" 4. The geography looks like jagged oval shape. Most of the families here are Roman Catholics, except one Hindu family. People speak here konkani. Capuchin Priests 5 from Farangipet come here to celebrate Eucharistic Mass on every Sunday. The chapel name is Infant Jesus Chapel 6. Every year during the Christmas season the youth and the children organize a cultural program 7.

Source of Living

The basic source of leaving here is fishing and agriculture. Coconut trees and few other fruit trees like mango, jack-fruit are grown here. Presently the sand mining 8 has caused a huge damage to the island.


Minister for health and family welfare U T Khadar of Karnataka on Tuesday July 29, 2014 said that the Karnataka state government, acting on the long-pending demands of the people of Pavoor-Uliya, has sanctioned the construction of a hanging bridge across the Netravati river, connecting the island to the mainland and a sum of Rs 3 crores has been already released for the purpose.


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