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Pearl Of Vanuatu - Mystery Island

xorolik • 4 minutes read • June 17th, 2016

Mystery Island 

is one of the most southern islands of Vanuatu! This small uninhabited island is located 0.4 miles (700 meters) away from the larger island of Aneityum.
In fact, the island is called Inyeug! The island was owned by a trading company which used it as a harbor for whalers, for cutting the whales into pieces, and for cooking. It all ended in 1852.
We were lucky that we got to this island. People are not allowed to go on the island from the ship if the weather is bad. There was a hurricane here a week before our cruise. It destroyed the pier, so the tourists were not able to visit this island. When we arrived, the pier was almost recovered, but it still did not work. A pontoon, along which we came, was constructed.
Tourists from the ship are greeted by the choir of children.
Locals come here on boats and offer tours: fishing, diving, snorkeling, etc.
You can walk the whole island around in 30-40 minutes. It is a great beach vacation during which you can see the underwater world and gorgeous views!
The water has a saturated blue color and is very clear! When the clouds appear, the ocean plays with blue colors, it is an unreal beauty!
Almost half of 

Mystery Island 

is occupied by the runway. During the World War II, the island was used by the Allies as an airfield. Nowadays, private flights come here several times a week.
We thank 


and the weather for such a beautiful island!
And when we departed, the evening pleased us with a beautiful sunset!
Author: Xorolik
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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