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Phoenix Island

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Phoenix Island (simplified Chinese: 凤凰岛; traditional Chinese: 鳳凰島; pinyin: Fènghuáng Dǎo), dubbed the Oriental Dubai, is an artificial archipelago forming an island resort currently under construction in Sanya, Hainan Province, China.

The island is located in Sanya Bay, and is 1,250 metres (4,100 ft) long by 350 metres (1,150 ft) wide and covers a total area of 393,825 square metres (4,239,100 sq ft). It is connected the shore by a 395-metre bridge.

The project's program was developed by Leisure Quest International (USA) as was the development's Conceptual Design and Master Plan. The development was sold in 2006 to a Shanghai Developer. The design development of the project was undertaken by Beijing architectural firm MAD Studio, who won the contract in 2007, total investment in the project exceeds 3 billion RMB (approximately $464 million). It is due for completion in 2014.

Prices of luxury residential units on Phoenix Island range from 50,000 RMB to 100,000 RMB per square metre, (approximately $7,700 to $15,400 USD), comparable to high-end properties in Beijing and Shanghai. There has been recent reporting that property values are decreasing as businessmen and officials seek to sell off properties.



The island will be divided into eight main sections, and will include:

  • 200-meter-high signature seven-star hotel
  • Five-star hotel
  • Five 28-storey buildings
  • Six luxury apartment buildings
  • Conference centre
  • Ferry terminal
  • Harbour for cruise ships
  • Marina with 150 - 300 yachts berths
  • Yacht clubhouse
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping complex
  • Shopping street
  • Sports and recreational area
  • Theme park


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