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Photo Essay About the Sea Cruise: Life And Rest On MSC Poesia. P.2

River Pilgrim • 5 minutes read • December 5th, 2016
Let's continue our tour of the 

MSC Poesia

(Photo Essay About the Sea Cruise: Life And Rest On MSC Poesia. P.1)!
This was the captain's evening. The captain read a greeting in six languages.
Most passengers were either seniors, middle-aged people or couples with children. There were very few young people onboard.  
Here's an exciting moment of the results of the "Miss Cruise" contest.
Which of these cute grandmothers will be our "Miss"?
The ship's space allows various entertainment options to be held. We had the choice of: listening to classical music performed by a Moldavian group from Chisinau.
Or visiting the theater studio, with acrobatic elements and solo performances by musicians.
Or catching a show in this format.
And now I'll show you a typical cruise day.
Morning onboard begins at 6 a.m., with free coffee in the cafeteria. Breakfast, buffet style, starts at 7 a.m. in the same place and continues until 10 a.m. Or you can have breakfast in a restaurant with service, but the menu is almost the same.
Then, if there is a stop, you leave the ship and go to the city, or spend the whole day onboard if it's a day at sea. So, I'd like to tell you about such a day.
After breakfast, you can go to the gym, swim, sunbathe or visit the beauty salons. Entertainment programs take place in the evening, the shops are also only open in the evening. Therefore, you can take a leisurely stroll and look around until lunchtime.
Lunch and dinner on the Italian vessels was not just a meal and the accumulation of calories, but a certain ceremony. Lunch and dinner consisted of six courses: an appetizer, the first course of pasta, risotto, etc., the main dish (meat, fish, vegetarian), various cheeses and dessert (cake and ice cream). Everything was included in the price, so you could order something specific or the whole list. You only have to pay for drinks, but there are all kinds. Everything looked like this:
By the way, this is a special dish - Russian Borsh.
Lunches were held in the restaurant on the fifth deck and we could choose any table. Dinners were held on the sixth deck and everyone had a certain table. Lunch lasted just over an hour, dinner lasted from an hour and a half to two hours. Dinner was held in two shifts, the first was at 7 p.m., and the second at 9.30 p.m. Lunch lasted between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.
After lunch and some rest, we had the choice of either: 
afternoon tea:
or fitness:
After eating, drinking and relaxing, dinner has already been served! I've described dinner above, and afterward, wer were offered a variety of leisure activities, including shopping (clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.) and gambling games in the casino (roulette, cards, vending machines).
As well as the cultural and entertainment programs described above.
At midnight, you also have a choice; disco, sleep or eat. Moreover, you are not just offered a late dinner, but the night buffet. It happens every night, only the composition of dishes is different: from sweet pancakes to meat and fish snacks.
Here are photos of the buffet decorations.  
Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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