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Pinacoteca di Bari

History and museums
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The Pinacoteca di Bari or Painting Gallery of Bari is a public gallery of paintings and museum of artworks in the city of Bari, Italy.


The gallery was founded July 12, 1928 and initially accommodated at the Palace of Government. In 1936 it moved to the Palace of Province, along the sea boulevard in Bari, where it now stands. The Pinacoteca was named in honor of the painter Corrado Giaquinto.


  • A medieval section
  • Venetian paintings of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries donated by numerous Apulia Churches
  • Apulian paintings from late medieval and Neapolitan school from beginning medieval centuries
  • A section of Corrado Giaquinto’s paintings
  • A nineteenth century Neapolitan and Southern Italy paintings important collection
  • Paintings by the 19th century Tuscan school of the “Macchiaioli”
  • Apulian Medieval Majolica ceramics
  • An antique Neapolitan nativity Presepe
  • Antique apparel
  • Nineteenth and twentieth century important paintings, together with important contemporary paintings and artistic works


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