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Pink Lake of Senegal. P.1

Mike Seryakov • 4 minutes read • February 15th, 2017
If we talk about the most popular sights of different countries, then Egypt has the pyramids of Giza, France - the Eiffel Tower, and


- Lac Rose (Pink Lake).
Pink Lake got its second name (the first name of the lake is Retba) because of the unique color of the water, which is obtained thanks to special cyanobacteria living here and secreting enzymes, which give the water a pinkish hue.

No other living organisms can live in these waters, because the salt concentration in the water is 35%. It is even more than in the famous Dead Sea.

The lake is absolutely suitable for bathing and its water is the water in the literal sense, because "water" in the Dead Sea in Jordan and in Israel is rather like mucus.

Lakesides are always covered with salt foam.
Most importantly, if you really want to see the Pink Lake, do not forget to take the "pink-colored glasses", because the natural color of the water looks like the one in this picture. Well, of course, this is how Nikon managed to show this color.
There are 7 or 8 hotels around the lake. The Senegalese decorate hotels with funny pictures, constantly emphasizing that the lake is still pink.
Mostly the French tourists rest here and a popular tour is to sail on a boat along the

Pink Lake

. The depth of the lake in some places reaches 10 meters.
You can watch such representatives of the Senegalese fauna in coastal areas.
A jeep tour around the

Pink Lake

is also interesting. However, it's not very large and a trip with stops takes about two hours. Cars are escorted by the proud eagles.
Salt is produced everywhere along the shores. Every Senegalese can do this, absolutely without taxes, because this work is very difficult.
"Individual entrepreneurs" mostly sell the salt to a huge Senegalese salt producing company, which delivers the product for export to neighboring African and other countries.
People actively sell souvenirs on the banks of the lake.
Women wear plates with souvenirs on their heads. It is convenient and habitual, some may only cover the face with hands, when they see a man with a camera.
People working here drive on such hybrids of a moped and a bicycle called mobilet. Those who are more prospering use the German transport.
Salt is taken away in such huge lorries of "Renault" of the 70s of the 20th century.
Women also work here.
The lake is not large and you can drive to the place where, at first, it is dried up, and then completely ends only in half an hour.
Let's continue our tour (Pink Lake of Senegal. P.2)!
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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