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Pink Lake of Senegal. P.2

Mike Seryakov • 3 minutes read • February 15th, 2017
Let's continue our tour of the

Pink Lake

(Pink Lake of Senegal. P.1)!
This small village is also one of the lake's landmarks. Local children always welcome visitors and, like many children in Africa, always ask for something.

Therefore it is better to buy a bag of candies in advance and give them much to everyone's delight.
Saudi Arabia helped to build a well in the village. That's why all the inscriptions on it are in Arabic.
The villagers live in huts with thatch roofs. One of the local inhabitants kindly agreed to show his house.
Everything is organized properly - a large bed for adults, the small one for children, a small wardrobe and a bedside table. What else do you need to be happy. You go to work on foot, and there are no traffic jams.
Here's how this hut looks like from the outside.
Small rooms with rag fences are the restrooms.
Children play with car tires.
We left the village behind and went towards the Atlantic Ocean. When you visit the

Pink Lake

, you can also swim in the ocean. It's difficult to get there on foot, of course, but it's really easy to do this on a quad bike.
Here are real sand dunes.
Here's the ocean.
Here's a car of my taxi driver. Probably, he is a good catch in Senegal.
This is the color of water in

Pink Lake

in the evening light of lanterns.
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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