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Plaza Ñuñoa

History and museums
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Plaza Ñuñoa is found in the Ñuñoa commune of Santiago, Chile, located in the eastern part of the city. It is classic meeting place well known for its cultural centers, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, nightlife, and artisanal ice cream. Plaza Ñuñoa is also where an alternative music scene that defined a generation of Chileans fomented. Additionally, it is a classic meeting place of residents of the district.


Plaza Ñuñoa is located between Irarrázaval Avenue and Duble Almeyda Avenue and between Jorge Washington street and Manuel de Salas street. The plaza also extends north of Irarrázaval Avenue. The closest metro station is Irarrázaval or Plaza Egaña , neither of which are particularly close to the Plaza. The plaza is accessible on any of the buses that go from the center of Santiago to La Reina commune: 227, 403, 422, 505, 513, 514.


The neighborhood development began with adjacent lots along Irarrázaval Avenue. The large palm trees on the southern side of the avenue make the plaza visually appealing. When the trolleys started passing through and small shops began to appear the sector really became lively. Plaza Ñuñoa became important at the end of the 1960s, with the densification of the urbanification of the side of the city nearer to the mountains. Government officials identified the vivaciousness of Plaza Ñuñoa as one of the major signs of development facilitating the possibility of local governance. In carrying out a study about social psychology, memory, and spatiality in Santiago, Chile scholars focused on Plaza Ñuñoa.

In the 1980s Plaza Ñuñoa became the beer drinking destination of intellectuals and students who frequented bar Las Lanzas, a place that began to be identified as cultural and leftist. There is also a bar and nightclub called La Batuta that provided a location for the burgeoning rock scene in Chile beginning in 1989.

Teatro Universidad Católica, formerly called Teatro Dante, is a theatre on Jorge Washington street that attracts world class productions. It has called Plaza Ñuñoa home since the 1970s.

Plaza Ñuñoa in the news

In 2011 a parking garage was opened that will have spaces for 305 cars underground.

Plaza Ñuñoa in literature

Plaza Ñuñoa is a setting in a novel by the Chilean author, Alejandro Zambra. The title of this novel in English is The Private Lives of Trees. It is also mentioned in the novel by Juan Villegas Morales, Yo Tenía un Compañero. Plaza Ñuñoa provides the setting for numerous other Chilean novels by authors such as Dauno Tótoro Taulis, Ramón Díaz Eterović, Cristóbal Peña, Ricardo E. Rodríguez, Jesús Sepúlveda, Elizabeth Subercaseaux and Carlos Labbé.

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