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Plaza Rio Hondo

shopping mall

Plaza Rio Hondo is a shopping mall in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Opened in 1982, it is anchored by Marshalls Megastore, TJ Maxx, Best Buy, and Kmart.



The mall's original anchors included Woolworth, which closed in 1997 and was split between Marshalls and Tiendas Capri.

In 2004, Marshalls moved from its existing store at the mall to a Megastore at the other end. The original Marshalls became a flagship store for CompUSA, which closed in 2008 and became Best Buy. A year later, Developers Diversified Realty bought the mall. TJ Maxx replaced Tiendas Capri in 2011.

Developers Diversified partnered with textiles retailer Anna's Linens to open stores at Rio Hondo and other malls in Puerto Rico in 2012.

In 2014, DDR announced a full remodel of the mall.


Main Building

  • Kmart (90,017 sf.)
  • Marshalls (55,000 sf.)
  • Best Buy (33,500 sf.)
  • TJ Maxx (30,000 sf.)
  • PetSmart (15,403 sf.)


  • Caribbean Cinemas (54,800 sf.)
  • Walgreens (15,000 sf.)
  • Pueblo Supermarkets (47,952 sf.)


  • Anna's Linens
  • Woolworth
  • CompUSA
  • Capri


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