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Port de Sant Miguel

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Port de Sant Miguel is a small beach resort with a white sandy beach on the north west coast of Ibiza. This small settlement was once the fisherman’s port for the nearby village of Sant Miquel de Balansat. The resort is situated in a small sheltered inlet surrounded by steep cliffs which are topped with pine woodland and scrub. At the head of the cove is a small sandy beach. Behind the beach there are a number of shops, bars and restaurants. Beyond the commercial area and set on the side of the inlet there are several large hotels and apartment developments as well as some private residential property.


Steps leading up the cliffs from the beach offer good vantage points for photographers wanting shots of the bay. There are several large concrete hotels and apartment blocks including around the bay but a short walk to a cove called Cala d'es Multons shows how the area would have looked before these developments. The resort is home to the Cova de Ca'n Marçà, a natural cave system once home to pirate smugglers.

Hotels and accommodation

Located on on the eastern side of the narrow inlet of Puerto San Miguel, the Hotel San Miguel is part of the largest hotel in the area. The complex also includes the Hotel Galeon and the San Miguel Beach club. Built as part of the building boom of the late 1970s, this Hotel caters almost exclusively for package tour guest, many of who are on all inclusive holidays.

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