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Port Fort Lauderdale

Barmoska • 5 minutes read • August 22nd, 2015
I had the opportunity to take another cruise on the 

Celebrity Silhouette

After a morning in New York, with a temperature of 41 degrees F (5 degrees C), it was really nice to look at such view through my window a few hours later.

A couple of pictures of the surroundings from the side window:

Everybody has pools! This is 



The airport is located very close to the port, so 30 minutes after our landing, I was standing near the ship:

And here it stands. People with suitcases stand on the dock; tourists from the previous trip had not yet left the ship. Movement is controlled by the local police:

The cruise reception area. Signs that dictate where passengers should go depending on their ticket class can be seen everywhere.

In order to avoid crowding in the corridors, groups are permitted to come onboard. The first to board are those who have already registered, they sit in a small room for 20 minutes before they can pass:

Taken from a terminal window - the cook checks the quality of the supplied fruit and vegetables directly on the pier:

You still don't have access to your cabin - cleaning up from the previous trip has not yet finished. Doors leading to the cabin corridors are closed.

Apologetic inscription closer:

Because people can't get into their cabins, everybody goes to public areas onboard, like the huge 

café-restaurant 'Ocean View'

on Deck 14 with unlimited food:

It's also nice on the deck:

Planes take off from the airport every 10-20 minutes:

Cool flags:

Someone is sleeping on a deck chair after a tiring trip:

Pipes of the neighboring ship blended well with the pipes of the plant in the background:

Longshoremen at the bottom of the pier are swarming with luggage - the passengers leave all their suitcases at the bottom. The luggage will be delivered later to the cabins after passing inspection:

Somewhere down there is my suitcase:

Finally we obtained the keys to our cabin - I can finally throw down my heavy backpack. The view from our balcony is idyllic:

An airplane with advertising flies above, like in Miami:

Departure is coming soon:

One of the neighboring ships has already set sail. It difficult to differentiate between the liner and the hotels on the coast. I just can't understand at first sight . . . 

Now ready to depart, the liner is unmoored from the harbor:
All those storage units in the port are filled with fuel for the ships. However, the vast territory of the port is reserved for storage and grocery warehouses, as well as for processing production (there is a lot of waste accumulated on the vessels):

Slowly leaving the port:

People from nearby houses are waving and shaking flags - probably friends of the tourists onboard:

People on the beach are also coming closer to wave goodbye:

By the way, the coast is very similar to the one in Miami, only there are not so many houses:

Entertainment for guests crowded on the decks:

Guests happily watch the entertainment:

Some of them, by the way, watch the show from more comfortable accommodations:

In an hour the liner passes Miami - the outline of the city can be seen on the horizon:

Fresh sea breeze picks caps from the waves:

And here is todays sunset:

Finally a few photos of the ship's stores. Souvenirs:

The baseball caps were not bas but it was a pity there were none my size. They were all too small:

For those who love a strong drink - photos from the liner's duty-free store. I don't know about the prices but I've got a suspicion that they are not low at all:

Some collections:
Author: Barmoska
Source: barmoska.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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