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Port of call - Barbados

xorolik • 3 minutes read • September 27th, 2015


is located in the West Indies on an island of the same name, from the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is relatively close to the South American continent. The island is flat, with small hills in the middle and the capital is 


. On one side is the Atlantic Ocean, however it is forbidden to swim there because of the jagged rocks and strong waves. 

Atlantic coast.

The beautiful beaches have clear, turquoise water and white sand.

Dower Beach


The beaches are beautiful, however the number of tourists can detract from the landscape. From here, a ferry takes visitors to snorkel less than 700 feet (200 meters) from the shore. There is also biting plankton in the water, which can leave skin itchy for up to a week. The sand on this beach has a pink hue.
Source: xorolik.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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