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Port Place Shopping Centre

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Port Place Shopping Centre is a hybrid indoor/outdoor shopping mall located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. It previously had a total retail floor area of 145,000 square feet prior to partial demolition of the mall space, which reduced its floor space to approximately 94,000 square feet prior to the addition of new retail and office space.


Port Place began as a two-store strip mall that was built in 1952, with Simpsons-Sears and Safeway as the original anchor tenants.

The facility was expanded in 1967 by attaching an indoor mall (the second one in Nanaimo, after Northbrook Mall), which was then named Harbour Park Mall.

Plans for renovation were begun in 2000, most notably the demolition of several former retail spaces to make way for a food court. The renovations were finished and the food court opened in 2004. That same year, the mall name was changed to the present Port Place.

In a 2009 announcement, Port Place owner First Capital Corp. revealed plans to redevelop much of the present Port Place site. Beginning in early 2010, much of the former indoor part of the mall was demolished to make way for redevelopment of the complex, including a strip mall and freestanding retail space, low-rise office and residential space and a 26-storey condominium tower as part of the redevelopment, which has been estimated will take up to ten years to complete. Phase Two of the new Port Place development, a two-story retail/office hybrid, was completed in the fall of 2013.


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