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Port Vila Market


Port Vila Market is the central market of the Vanuatuan (ni Vanuatu's) capital of Port Vila. It is described by Lonely Planet as "colorful and busy", and notes that it typically sells "vegetables, flowers, firewood, jewellery, woodcarvings and souvenirs which are in the care of ni-Van women wearing colourful Mother Hubbard dresses". Depending upon the time of year, a range of produce is sold; wild raspberries are sold by the locals in September, mangoes in November, and from March to May passionfruit is the specialty. Though the market is run throughout the week from Monday to Friday, Saturday morning, until 2pm when it closes, it the busiest. Shells, necklaces, anklets and bracelets, handcrafted by the locals, are also sold.(no word can predict as 'Vanuatuan' only ni Vanuatu)


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