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Portoferraio lighthouse

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Portoferraio lighthouse (Italian: Faro di Portoferraio), called Faro del Forte Stella Lighthouse since is placed on the northern rampart of Forte Stella built in 1548 by Cosimo I de' Medici in Portoferraio, Elba.



The lighthouse was built by Leopod II Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1788; the light stone tower is 25 metres high and has a double balcony and lantern and was restored in 1915. The lighthouse is fully automated, operated by Marina Militare and identified by the code number 2072 E.F.; the lantern is at 63 metres (207 ft) above sea level and emits a group of three white lightning flashes in a 14 seconds period visible up to 16 nautical miles. On the same tower is an additional light identified by the number 2072.2 E.F. that emits a red fixed light at 60 metres above sea level to warn the ships about the Capo Bianco shoal.

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