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Portugal. Lisbon. P1

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • May 28th, 2016
The second day of our trip to 


, after the tour, we went for a walk around the city. The temperature was 62 degrees F (17 degrees C), perfect for a leisurely walk!  
Lisbon is located in the hills, where there are several observation decks that offer wonderful views of the city.
So we went to one of them.
1portugal-lisbonp1.jpgYou can get to the observation deck by elevator, seen at the end of the street below. 
2portugal-lisbonp1.jpgBut we went there by foot, which wasn't difficult. Below are some views of the city:
The elevator can be seen on the right.
3portugal-lisbonp1.jpg4portugal-lisbonp1.jpgAnd here are the views from the other observation deck:
5portugal-lisbonp1.jpgHere's a closer view:
6portugal-lisbonp1.jpgThis is the view of the 

River Tagus

7portugal-lisbonp1.jpgIt's was so fun to walk around this unfamiliar city. It forces you to notice the little things :) 
Everything becomes familiar, like a native hometown, except in a new city it is more exciting to take in all of your surroundings :)  
8portugal-lisbonp1.jpgWhat a funny structure. I wonder what it symbolizes? :)​
9portugal-lisbonp1.jpgThis is Lisbon's version of the Arc de Triomphe; a window to the world.​
10portugal-lisbonp1.jpgHere is a closer view:​
11portugal-lisbonp1.jpgThere are seagulls on this monument. Of course, the ocean is nearby :)​
12portugal-lisbonp1.jpgHere is a lantern but the detailing is so beautiful if you look closer!  
Palma flowers grow on the street, in February!​
14portugal-lisbonp1.jpgThis tree was full of oranges in winter :)​
15portugal-lisbonp1.jpgOn the hill, located in the east of Lisbon, is the 

Sao Jorge Castle

. We went there on tram No.28. The tram drives through the narrow streets so easily! You can climb to the top of the castle and see such wonderful views!
16portugal-lisbonp1.jpg17portugal-lisbonp1.jpg18portugal-lisbonp1.jpgHere are some views from above:​
Even though we visited in February, the day was sunny. Cats slept on the stones that had warmed up in the sun. 
23portugal-lisbonp1.jpgBut they were very unhappy when some birds came and woke them up. 
24portugal-lisbonp1.jpgOf course, the most beautiful views from above are of the river, the Statue of Christ and the bridge. The sun glared in my eyes though, so trying to take photos was difficult. Even when the sun dipped behind the clouds, the photos were too dark. 

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