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Praia de Samil

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Samil Beach (Galician: Praia de Samil, Spanish: Playa de Samil) is the principal beach of Vigo in Galicia in north-west Spain.

The river Lagares mouth is found at its west end. It is located in an environment of exceptional beauty, with Cíes Islands as background. The beach is 1,700 metres (5,600 ft) long and is connected with the urban public transport and disabled accesses are available during the summer. Several Vitrasa urban public transport lines connect it with different areas of the city. Those lines are: L10, C15A, C15B y C15C during the whole year; C3 during the summer; and the night lines CN1 y CN2.

Around Samil, several services have been created: museums (such as "Museo do Mar" and "Verbum") to different catering premises, clubs and cafés. Its promenade covers the littoral zone and it offers several leisure facilities (three public swimming pools, garden areas, basketball courts, a mini-soccer court, tennis and paddle courts, a skating rink, and terraces).

The beautiful "boardwalk" is well lit for evening strolling and has public water fountains as well as viewing telescopes to see the main cruise ships which dock nearby.

In the summer, a great number of outdoor activities are organised there including having lifeguards on staff.


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