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Preveli. Rethymno, Crete

Anich • 4 minutes read • October 22nd, 2016
One day, we decided to go on a tour from 




. The tour included a trip to the city of Rethymno, then the monastery of Preveli, after that the Libyan Sea, and in the end, we saw the 

Kourtaliotiko gorge

Here's a view from the bus.
1crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgThis is the port of Rethymno.
2crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg3crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgGenerally, Rethymno is a city where two cultures are mixed - the Venetians and Turks. This fountain was donated to the city by a Venetian merchant in order for people to drink water and feed their livestock :) The fountain is very old :)
5crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg6crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgAnd this is a famous pastry chef. He is 90 years old and has been making all sorts of delicious confectionery products by himself, manually, for "million years". In this photo he still looks so cheerful :)
7crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgAll the streets in Rethymno are very narrow.
8crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgAnd this is the narrowest street. It is 6 feet (2 meters) wide.
9crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg10crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgOn our way to the monastery of Preveli.
11crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgThese are olive trees.
12crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg13crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg14crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg15crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgHere's the monastery of Preveli. It is a functioning friary, but now there are very few monks, about five people.The monastery has kept the miraculous cross. 
16crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgThe monastery had a small zoo, which was inhabited by endangered species of deer and peacocks.
17crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg18crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgHere's a holy spring.
19crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg20crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg21crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgWe went downhill to the shore of the Libyan Sea.
22crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgThis is the Lower Preveli. At first, the monastery was located here, but a monk had a dream once that the monastery was burned down and they had to move uphill, where a new monastery was built. Later on, the lower one was subjected to a raid by the Turks and it really was burned down.
23crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgPlakias, The Libyan Sea.
24crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgThe seas in the north (the Sea of Crete) and on the south (the Libyan Sea) coast of Crete are very different in color, salinity, and depth.
The color of this sea has a more turquoise hue. It is deep enough, two steps in and the water already reaches your shoulders. And there are pebbles on the bottom.
On the north coast, there's sand...
The water was very cool.
25crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg26crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg27crete-rethymno-preveli.jpg28crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgVisiting the Kourtaliotis gorge was the final part of our tour. It was also called "the canyon of flapping sails" because the wind makes a similar sound. 
29crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgThere was a small waterfall underneath the gorge.
30crete-rethymno-preveli.jpgHere's a chapel near the gorge.
Author: Anich
Translated by: 

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