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Princess Cruises Gratuities

4 minutes read • October 20th, 2017
Cruise is definitely among the most convenient types of vacation. Have you ever wondered why? Because all the details of a sailing are carefully thought out for you, and many workers on a ship do their best to provide sterling service for every guest. Let’s talk about

Princess Cruises Gratuities

to find more about the company’s tipping policy and ways to express your appreciation to the liner’s staff!
princess cruises gratuities
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

To simplify a process of according a thank to waitresses, cooks, cabin stewards, and other crew members you meet (or even don’t meet) during your voyage, the company automatically adds Princess Cruises daily gratuities to every guest's account. These gratuities are shared between the liner’s service workers, and their amount depends on a category of accommodation you are traveling in:
  • Suites – 15.50 dollars
  • Mini-Suites and Club Class - 14.50 dollars
  • Interior, Oceanview, and Balcony - 13.50 dollars
Besides, Princess adds 15% to the travelers’ bar checks, wine accounts in the main restaurant, and charges for treatments in the Lotus Spa. 
princess cruises gratuities
Lotus Spa by Princess Cruises
We should note that tips for the casino and youth staff are not included in the automatic Princess Cruise Line gratuities mentioned above.
By the way, you are free to decide how much you want to give the liner's workers on your own. You can go to the reception and request to adjust the gratuities. Please remember that you should do it before disembarkation!

Princess Cruises gratuities policy is an important question you should concern about before the departure. We highly recommend you to check the relevant information on the company’s website or using the details provided. It’ll help to avoid untoward surprises in your check and make your cruise vacation really careless. And to thank the ship’s staff, of course!
princess cruises gratuities
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

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