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Princess Cruises Internet

5 minutes read • December 20th, 2017
Today cruise companies try to keep up with the times and meet all requirements of cruise lovers. And what do modern travelers need in addition to accommodation, food, entertainment, and adventure? They need the Internet connection even on a cruise ship. Let’s talk about

Princess Cruises Internet

to see what this cruise line offers its friends! 
princess cruises internet
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

First of all, we offer you to figure out why travelers might need the Internet or WiFi on the cruise. Actually, there are plenty of reasons, such as to stay in touch with their family and friends, to send emails, keep a blog, etc. Besides, one can read about the next port of call on the Internet and decide what to do there. By the way, many people continue to work even on vacation, so the reliable Internet is one of the main aspects when choosing a cruise company.

One can check the mail, read the news, etc. in the Princess Cruises Internet Cafe. Besides you can use Princess Cruise Line WiFi to surf the Internet via your electronic device. The Internet Café works around the clock. You should contact the Internet Café Manager to find out info about the charges.
Tour of the Princess Cruises Internet Café by tominator3

BTW, Platinum and Elite Members of the Princess Captain’s Circle can take advantage of the complimentary Internet credit that they may use both on the computers in the Internet Café and on personal devices via Princess Cruises WiFi. The amount of complimentary minutes depends on the length of your sailing:
  • for 7 days or less – 150 minutes
  • for 8-20 days – 250 minutes
  • for 21 days or longer – 500 minutes
Let’s check Princess Cruises Internet Packages and their prices!
  • 120 min for $69
  • 240 min for $99
  • 460 min for $159
  • 680 min for $199
All the packages prices mentioned above include account activation fee. Please note that the company may change the Princess Cruises Internet costs without notice. 

So does Princess Cruises have WiFi? Yes, we’ve already found out that one can use it in the Internet Café. Besides, WiFi is available in numerous public spaces and several staterooms.

We’d also like to talk about the Princess@sea app. It is a free tool that provides the cruise lover with useful information about the ship, her public spaces, events, performances, about the ports of your itinerary, etc. Besides, you can access your stateroom account and send text messages to other travelers on your ship. 
princess cruises internet

Have you already used the Internet on cruises? Is it worth the money?

Unfortunately, Internet Packages seem to be pretty expensive, and the companies warn the travelers that the onboard Internet is much slower than the connection on shore. That’s why it would be better to plan your sailing before the departure: read about your ship and her amenities, choose restaurants and entertainment, decide on what to do in each port of call, etc. Yes, it may be difficult and time-consuming to collect all the data you need because you’ll have to surf numerous websites to find answers to your questions. That’s why CruiseBe have developed the iOS mobile application that will help you plan your cruise quickly and efficiently. Besides, the unreliable Internet on cruise ships is also not a problem anymore: CruiseBe app works even offline (you just have to become the Premium Member package).
#1 Cruise itinerary Aggregator is available on the Apple Store.

You can watch this video to find out more about the CruiseBe app:

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