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Princess Cruises Photo Packages

5 minutes read • December 5th, 2017
Are you going on a sailing with Princess Cruises? Probably, now you are trying to resolve many questions like ‘what to pack’ or ‘what should I wear for Formal Night.’ However, we’d like to talk about

Princess Cruises Photo Packages

today because very few people pay attention to this feature while getting ready for the upcoming vacation.
princess cruises photo packages
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

The cruise is one of the most exciting ways of traveling. We wish to keep every feeling and every emotion we had in our memory. We like to check our cruise pictures over and over again because they give us an opportunity to relive those precious moments.
Princess Cruises’ photographers are ready to capture everything happening with you both onboard and ashore: from your very first step on the ship and until your return home. You can get the professional picture of competitions, parties, masterclasses, karaoke contests, romantic evenings, your special events like weddings or anniversaries – well, literally of everything. Of course, don’t miss the Formal Night – it’s an excellent opportunity not just to find yourself in the unusual atmosphere and enjoy a delicious dinner but also to take beautiful pictures in the formal attire. You’ll find these photos in the Princess Cruises Photo Gallery on your cruise liner. There you can choose your favorite ones and order a canvas reproduction, for example.
princess cruises photo packages
Onboard Golden Princess
Picture by Lyn Gateley/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Besides, the cruise line offers several Photo Packages. Let’s check their types and prices!


All-inclusive photo package
This package includes all prints and digital files of your adventure. Its price depends on the length of the cruise:
  • 7 to 24 day sailings - $199 (prior your cruise) or $249 (onboard)
  • 25 to 39 day sailings - $249 (prior your cruise) or $299 (onboard)
  • 40 day and longer sailings - $349 (prior your cruise) or $399 (onboard)
Welcome Aboard Photo Package
The package includes your double embarkation photo and an exclusive thumb drive for free. Its price is $40.
princess cruises photo packagesPicture by Lyn Gateley/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
Platinum Studio Credit
The cost of the package is $250. This sum becomes your Platinum Studio Onboard Credit. Besides, the company gives you $200 for free. Therefore, this package provides the $450 Platinum Studio Onboard Credit for your exciting photo experience.
BTW, each of these packages will become an excellent surprise for your significant other and will help to save the most unforgettable moments of your holiday.
Please note that the company may change prices mentioned above. You should also check the availability of the packages for your sailing.
princess cruises photo packages

As we’ve already mentioned, you can also purchase canvas wall portraits, as well as the Exclusive Princess ship frame package (Princess wood frame and an 8" x 10" portrait), Princess scrapbook album, Princess ship USB thumb drive to save your favorite pictures, etc.
princess cruises photo packagesChampagne waterfall at the Atrium Lobby dance floor on Golden Princess by Lyn Gateley/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
It’s so lovely to revive a memory of your adventure while sitting at home by the fireplace with your family and friends. Or to tell your children and grandchildren fascinating stories about the beautiful distant islands. Pictures from your cruises will make these moments even more exciting.
Have you ever booked the Princess Cruises Photo Package? Please, share your impressions and pictures in the comments!
princess cruises photo packages
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

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