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Promenade In Miami Beach

wwworld • 3 minutes read • November 13th, 2016
One of my daughters and I decided to take a walk through 

Miami Beach

 in search of a children's playground. The weather was great: it was sunny, about +75F (+24C).
1promenade-in-miami-beach.jpg2promenade-in-miami-beach.jpgThe water was very warm. It seemed to me that it was warmer than the air temperature.
3promenade-in-miami-beach.jpgFinally, we had found what we were looking for.
4promenade-in-miami-beach.jpg5promenade-in-miami-beach.jpgMy daughter was extremely happy.
6promenade-in-miami-beach.jpg7promenade-in-miami-beach.jpgI had to pay extra for parking. By the way, the parking was surprisingly spacious and cheap: only a dollar an hour. This was public beach parking in 

Miami Beach

. The payment scheme is quite interesting: you enter the car number in the terminal and pay for parking. There is the option to print the ticket, and if you do, it is not necessary to put the ticket under the windshield of your car - all the accounting is carried out electronically. The ticket is only needed for the owner of the car to a) not to forget the time the parking was paid and b) not to forget where the car is parked.  
8promenade-in-miami-beach.jpgAfter a long walk, we went to have dinner in a Russian cafe, "Kalinka", located north of 

Miami Beach. W

e ordered soup, leg of lamb, and buckwheat with chicken cutlets, fruit-drinks, and bread juice :)
9promenade-in-miami-beach.jpg Author:  wwworld
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