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Promenade In Stockholm

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • March 31st, 2016


, we did not have a prepared in advance program, so we decided to do the experiment: we found a site with ready-made tracks through the city, and randomly chose one, trusting the unknown compiler.
Despite the abundance of rainbow flags, I clearly realized that Stockholm is a great option for family vacation. In the very traditional sense of this word. The city has many interesting museums. Our children went to


and stuck there for the whole day. A lot of shops, cafes and all kinds of tourist infrastructure. A lot of stylish people and the pleasant companies. More information is under the cut...
Flags are really abundant – perhaps, recently there was an important event or parade. As here, for example, before the

Royal Dramatic Theatre

The quay on one side:
And the quay on the other:
Different sources state that there is from 1 to 4 million of private ships in Sweden. Despite the fact that there is not more than 10 million of residents in the country:
Junibacken - is not even a museum, as it is commonly believed, but it is a cultural, leisure and interactive center on the topic of Swedish fairy tales. Of course, Astrid Lindgren and the characters of her works are the most important here. Even the name of the museum comes from Lindgren fairy tale "Madicken och Junibackens Pims". (Junibacken is translated as "June slide").
It seems we came at the height of the season, because there was a lot of people. A queue instantly jammed in front of the usual cafe:
This is the Riksdag:
This is the Old Town:
Tourists are riding on coach:
Here are the streets:
Summer terraces are completely full:
Museum of a founder of the famous Alfred Nobel Peace Prize:
Many sights were noted on the track, but most of them we missed – we did not want to spend too much time on one thing:
Here’re Japanese tourists. Or maybe they are Chinese women? Do you distinguish the Japanese from the Chinese?
There is a mass of shell game artists on the loud streets:
I tried to take pictures of these crooks, but I was immediately stopped by two strong man (in the foreground of the photo):
Well ok, I thought, and stepped aside. Then I began to look narrowly to identify the number of real and decoy players in this company. It turned out except the "victim", they all were decoy players, who helped the perp by inciting tourists, or "winning" in their eyes, etc.:
Another option with matchboxes:
There are no so many homeless as in Oslo:
This is the central pedestrian street Biblioteksgatan:
There are many shops and shopping pavilions:
Each shopping center wants to stand out. In one of them I found a column of books. It reminded me of a book well in Prague:
This is a shaggy parasol:
We sat for a moment in a cafe. Smoothies and biscuits cost 65 Swedish crowns/SEK (about 8 USD).
This is a bridge of love:
The tower offers nice views, but it is necessary to book the ascent in advance. When we arrived, it turned out that the next tour with the free places will be only in 4 hours:
We went to a cafe in half past three, and the kitchen was already closed for half an hour. We had to go to McDonald's. There are the following prices: lunch with Big Mac - 80 Swedish crowns/SEK (about 10 USD), Cheeseburger - 10 Swedish crowns/SEK (about 1.5 USD), six Macnugets - 45 Swedish crowns/SEK (about 5.5 USD):
This is a track of the day. In the next review I will talk about interior of the most modern ferry in the Baltic Sea.
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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