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Puerto Rico

xorolik • 3 minutes read • September 26th, 2015

San Juan 

is the capital of Puerto Rico, as well as housing the biggest civic center. 
We spent one night in 

San Juan


We didn't go around the 


 since we had already visited the main points of interest during our last trip. 
The Ritz-Carlton hotel was a 5 minute drive from the airport and a 30 minute drive from the Royal Caribbean sea port. The territory was compact, with a beautiful pool and great beach. It was slightly inconvenient that check-in didn't start till 4 p.m., so we had to wait 30 minutes. Check out was at the usual time, 12 p.m., but we were allowed to stay until 2 p.m. at no extra charge, then we headed straight to the ship.
Our room overlooked the sea. Although our room wasn't large, we managed to fit an extra bed without any problems and the bathroom was big! 
We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny, despite forecasts calling for rain. The next morning, we were able to sunbathe and have a quick swim. Below was the view from our balcony.
Source: xorolik.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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