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Reasons Why I Love Cruises

7 minutes read • February 28th, 2018
It’s no secret that the number of cruise addicts is growing each day. New ships, new features, and new itineraries – the list of reasons to take a cruise is becoming longer and longer.
We asked several cruise lovers to continue a phrase ‘

I love cruises

because…,’ and that’s what they told us…
Reasons why I love cruises

‘Cruising is a great way to see a lot in a short period of time, without having to pack up and move every few days, which can be difficult with children and elders.’  Dana Freeman from Dana Freeman Travels 

‘Cruising is so relaxing. You don’t have to make a bed or cook a meal. It is definitely an escape from everyday life and the responsibilities that go with it.’ Nicole DeBickes from Family With Latitude

‘Everything is readily accessible: bars, restaurants, entertainment. The views are constantly changing. You're sleeping or having fun while the ship is going to the next destination.’ Talek Nantes from Travels With Talek  

‘The cruise companies do a great job keeping you entertained and, for the less experienced, even planning day-trip excursions. It is a great way to meet new people, making new friends from around the world.’ Andrew Ostrander from O2Go2 Travel
Reasons why I love cruises

‘Basically, there is something for everyone at every age. Just looking at my own family, I know if you asked each of us why a cruise is the best type of vacation, you would get different answers.
Besides, even after over 2 decades, I continue to discover new things to do and enjoy on cruises’ Robert Longley from CruiseLines.Net

‘Cruises allow me to visit destinations I may not get to see otherwise. Sure, I don't get as full of an experience as I do by spending several days in a location. However, cruises give me an opportunity to take a quick look, helping me to decide if I want to spend more time at a  destination in the future.’ Greg Johnson, frugal travel expert at
Reasons why I love cruises

‘Cruises is the best way to visit sites off the beaten track which, in many cases, are challenging to reach by land or take a long time to get there. As well as to delve into each locale with carefully curated itineraries and tour guides, many of whom have personal ties to that destination.’ Michael Goren, Founder & CEO, Beyond Cruises by Group IST. 

‘Cruises are family-friendly: there is something to entertain all ages. A family vacation doesn't mean that parents can't have some alone time. Kids can enjoy supervised activities and make new friends at the kids club while parents relax in the spa or other adult-only areas. 
Another important reason to take a cruise is the ease of travel: many travelers live a drivable distance from major US cruise ports eliminating the extra cost of airfare.’ Ashley Keller, Independent Travel Agent at Keller Luxury Travel 
Reasons why I love cruises

‘Cruising is a great option for adventure travel: the smaller cruises like Uncruise and Poseidon offer real adventure in remote places like Svalbard and the Sea of Cortez (also Ecoventura in the Galapagos).’ Terry Ward, freelance writer at 

‘The wife and I have found that taking cruise ships to dive sites is the cheapest and most entertaining method of diving multiple dive sites in a week or more.’ David Pressler ( )

‘You're like a nomad of the high seas. You're not stuck in one location thinking, Did I make the right choice in choosing this spot to vacay? And if it's a favorite travel destination, you just bookmark it in the back of your mind for later. 
Food is all-inclusive on cruises. You don't have to worry yourself about where your next meal is coming from. 
Activities and entertainment are in abundance. You can see so many shows and go to so many clubs on the boat before you're over it, but that's the beauty of it all. Would you rather spend up your money trying to figure out what to do on a land destination?’ Tanethia Holden, the creator of the Queendom Reigns blog 
Reasons why I love cruises

‘It allows me to unplug my phone, computer, detach myself from reality and completely immerse myself in the relaxing vacation. Our everyday lives are quite stressful because we constantly have to make decisions and behave professionally. Once on a cruise, the hardest decision I need to make is which restaurant I should go to for lunch and whether I should relax in the spa or bask off in the sun near the swimming pool. 
There is something romantic and adventurous about cruising. I love the 360 degrees view of the sea, which makes one really feel that the Earth is round. I love the starry sky at night, and being rocked to sleep by waves. When the ship approaches land the next morning, I feel almost like, perhaps, the first explorers felt when they discovered new land. 
Cruising attracts people who are adventurous, fun and relaxed. We are kindred spirits who love to travel, so it’s very easy to talk to them.’ Svetlana Rubejov from Beach Vacations and more  
Reasons why I love cruises

That sounds pretty inspiring, doesn’t it? Now we offer you to continue this phrase! Please, write in the comments: ‘I love cruises because…’
We’d like to end our article with the words of Tanethia Holden from Queendom Reigns:
‘While you take a moment of silence to sit in gratitude on the deck overlooking the vastness of the sea, you might feel a sense of peace. It is so beautiful. The sunsets, the sunrises and the clear sky seal the deal to a perfect vacation on the high seas!’  
Reasons why I love cruises

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