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Red Dog Saloon

278 South Franklin Street in Juneau, Alaska, U.S.
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The Red Dog Saloon is a drinking establishment at 278 South Franklin Street in Juneau, Alaska, U.S. The Red Dog has been recognized by the Alaska Legislature for its longevity as the oldest man-made tourist attraction in Juneau.


Founded during Juneau's mining era, the Saloon has been in operation for decades. For a time, "Ragtime Hattie" played the piano in white gloves and a silver dollar halter top. Later, in territorial days, the owners would often meet the tour boats at the docks with a mule that wore a sign saying, "follow my ass to the Red Dog Saloon."

The saloon hosted an episode of The Ed Sullivan Show just after Alaska became a state.

Memorabilia displayed

  • Wyatt Earp's gun that he checked but failed to claim on his way to Nome
  • a walrus oosik
  • trophy wildlife mounts
  • paper currency signed by miners from around the world throughout the years

Established by Earl and Thelma Forsythe

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