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Ribeira de Calhau

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Ribeira de Calhau is a settlement in the eastern part of the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde. Its 2010 population was 1,177. It takes its name from the river Ribeira do Calhau, and comprises the villages of Madeiral, Chã de Madeiral, Madeiral do Norte (km 11), Bairro Branco, Calhau Interior (km 13) and Ribeira de Calhau and Calhau, all located near the river, other includes Santa Luzia, an abandoned settlement on Santa Luzia island, the area also includes Ilhéu Branco and Ilhéu Raso. 3 km south of Calhau is the extinct volcanic crater Viana.

The population has been growing since the 1960s, its houses are concentrated in Calhau and Madeiral parts and parts west of Calhau within the main road, houses and buildings along with farmlands and plantations are predominantly sporadically located within Ribeira do Calhau as the numbers increased, hotels and some villas now appear 1 km south of the center of Ribeira de Calhau. The road with the north of the island opened in 2013 and forms a new road with a rotary circle at the junction and forms the termini of the Mindelo-Calhau and Salamansa-Calhau Roads.

The Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory "Humberto Duarte Fonseca" is situated 1 km north of Calhau. It is part of a German-UK initiative to undertake long-term ground- and ocean-based observations in the tropical Eastern North Atlantic Ocean region.

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